Welcome to the Future: 8 Awesome Things You Can Do with ChatGPT-4

Welcome to the Future: 8 Awesome Things You Can Do with ChatGPT-4

ChatGPT has been the tech world’s favorite AI sidekick for a while now. It writes emails, poems, scripts, heck, it even passes tough exams. But with ChatGPT-4, the newest and shiniest version, things just got a whole lot cooler. Think bigger, better, and seriously more human-like.

Ready to jump on the hype train? Here are 8 awesome ways ChatGPT-4 pushes the boundaries of what we thought AI could do:

1. Your Eyes on the Web: ChatGPT-4 Goes Visual

Forget just chatting about images – ChatGPT-4 can understand them. Show it a meme, and it’ll explain the joke. Upload a messy room photo? It’ll give you decluttering tips. This is truly game-changing.

According to OpenAI (the brains behind ChatGPT), they trained ChatGPT-4 on a mix of text and images. This is why it can make sense of those vacation photos or tell you that your cat meme deserves 5 stars. Sadly, not everyone has this feature yet – it’s a slow rollout. But you can see a sneak peek through projects like MiniGPT-4 if you can’t wait!


2. Long-Term Memory? It’s Happening

Imagine if ChatGPT remembered last week’s conversation and built on it today. It’s kind of happening with ChatGPT-4! You can have extended chats on anything – recipes, coding, your existential crisis – and it’ll reference back and ‘learn’ as you go.

Why is this a big deal? Well, most AI chatbots have short attention spans. ChatGPT-4’s “memory” makes it feel less like a tool and more like a helpful pal. Of course, there are limits. The AI won’t become your bestie or anything, but progress is exciting!


3. Supercharge Your Work with Plugins

Think of plugins as superpowers for ChatGPT-4. Need complex calculations? There’s a Wolfram plugin. Want to book a flight without leaving the chat? Yep, plugins galore! This levels up what ChatGPT can do. You can summarize websites, automate social media tasks…the possibilities are mind-blowing.

Just a heads up, many awesome plugins only come with ChatGPT Plus (OpenAI’s paid subscription). But trust me, once you try the code interpreter plugin, you might have a hard time going back to coding the old-fashioned way.


  • OpenAI’s announcement on ChatGPT plugins: [[invalid URL removed]]([invalid URL removed])

4. Talking Wikipedia (But Way More Fun)

ChatGPT-4 still pulls info from the web when you ask. But the difference? It doesn’t just recite boring facts. It summarizes in a way you’d actually want to read. Sort of like your smart friend explaining concepts.

This update is thanks to ChatGPT-4’s snazzy web browsing plugin. No more getting lost in tabs – all that sweet, sweet internet knowledge is now filtered through the AI and served up in an understandable way. It’s basically a time-saving superpower, especially for research projects.

5. Creativity Unleashed: Now That’s What I Call Art!

Ever tried getting an AI to describe an image? Sure, it can tell you there’s a cat, but “fluffy orange blob” wasn’t the artistic vision you had in mind. ChatGPT-4 changes that. You can feed it an image, and it’ll come up with a poem, a painting description, even a song… the works!

Think of it as an artistic brainstorming buddy. Struggling with writer’s block? Have ChatGPT-4 describe that sunset photo for inspiration. Need a quirky ad idea? It’ll spin you some weird and wonderful options.

6. Getting Closer to The Truth

Okay, ChatGPT-4 still isn’t perfect. AI has this funny habit of making stuff up to sound convincing. But ChatGPT-4 does try harder to stick to the facts. You can even ask it to cite sources or explain its reasoning, which is huge for checking if an answer is legit.

Open Ai

Now, it won’t always be 100% accurate – even smart humans get things wrong sometimes, right? Still, this effort to reduce “hallucinations” (that’s AI-speak for confidently stating stuff that’s untrue) is a major step towards relying on this tech more heavily.


Absolutely! Here’s a 300-word chunk about ChatGPT-4’s language skills, plus some sources for you to dig deeper:

7. Master of (Many) Languages

ChatGPT-4 has the power to break down language barriers like never before. Not only does it get better at translating between a ton of languages, but it also has a knack for picking up the nuances of how they’re actually spoken.

What does this mean for you? You could ask it to translate a poem with the same rhyme scheme, get instructions in your native language for that tricky Ikea build, or even practice speaking by holding entire conversations in another tongue. Heck, with a bit of creativity, it can help you make up brand new slang!

It’s important to remember this power is built on vast amounts of text across multiple languages. That means even those considered less common by tech standards see improvements here. It’s a great step towards global communication!


  • Reddit community’s testing of ChatGPT-4’s translation skills:
  • Article exploring machine translation progress in recent years: 

8. It Writes What You Mean, Not Just How You Say It

Okay, this one’s mind-bending! ChatGPT-4 tries to understand the intent behind what you ask. You could phrase something awkwardly, fumble with typos, still it’ll figure out what you’re after. Imagine your search engine having this power – suddenly all those misspelled late-night Google searches don’t feel so pointless!

This change makes using ChatGPT way more natural. Remember before, when you had to meticulously word prompts for good results? ChatGPT-4 lessens that – making AI feel less robotic and more intuitive. It gets that humans aren’t perfect, making for smoother interactions all around.

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